New member benefits just for you

The ODA is rolling out some exciting new programs this fall – all of which are designed to provide ODA members with significant benefits for their practices.

Ohio Discount Dental Supplies (OhioDDS)

The Ohio Dental Association Services Corporation (ODASC) is working with Midway Dental Supply to secure the best possible prices on dental supplies for ODA members. For years, large dental supply companies have given big discounts on dental supplies to large group practices. These discounts were rarely offered to solo or small group practices. In fact, recent comparisons show that some independent dentists are paying 30% more for certain supplies than their colleagues in large group practices. The Ohio Discount Dental Supply (OhioDDS) program is changing that by giving independent and small practices the ability to join a group purchasing alliance to gain access to the same discounts that big corporate practices are getting. Check out for more information and to sign up today. See “ODA Services Corp. launches group purchasing organization to help save dentists money” for more information.

Ohio comprehensive regulatory compliance manual

The ODA has put together the most comprehensive regulatory compliance manual for Ohio dentists. This electronic manual is one-stop shopping for all of your regulatory compliance needs. There are sections on dental license and CE requirements, employment laws, environmental and infection control regulations, prescribing rules, and much more. This user-friendly guide includes forms to assist member dentists to establish their X-ray Quality Assurance Plan, OSHA Exposure Control Plan and OSHA Hazard Communication Plan. The manual also includes various checklists to make regulatory compliance and documentation easier than ever. Click here to gain access to this innovative member benefit.

In-office membership plans

We have heard from many member dentists asking about options for patients who do not have dental insurance or are looking for alternatives to their existing plans. Many have asked about in-office membership plans. These membership plans allow dentists to customize their program and control their costs. For example, in an in-office plan, the patient may pay a regular monthly (or annual) fee to the dental practice and in return get a free cleaning and exam every six months and discounts for other services as defined by the plan the dentist designs for his or her patients. These plans have become very popular with patients and dentists. Later this fall, ODASC will announce a partnership with an in-office membership plan administrator that will provide special pricing for ODA members to assist them in designing, implementing and maintaining in-office membership plans for patients.

Serving our members

Last year’s ODA member survey revealed that ODA members are very satisfied with ODA’s existing programs and benefits. Member dentists appreciate the ODA’s advocacy efforts protecting dentists and their patients from unnecessary interference by government and other third parties. Dentists give the ODA high marks for providing member dentists with valuable information related to dental insurance and legal, legislative and regulatory issues. Members also appreciate the opportunity to get CE from us, especially during the ODA Annual Session and Leadership Institute, and secure group-rated health insurance and workers’ compensation coverage. We continue to provide these and other benefits to ensure we are meeting our members’ needs and expectations.

We also learned from the survey that our members are interested in saving money on their dental supplies and getting assistance with regulatory compliance issues and in setting up and administering in-office membership plans for patients. Accordingly, we are rolling out these new programs to meet our members’ emerging needs in these areas.

Make sure you keep an eye out in the next several weeks for additional information about these exciting new programs that are only available to you because you are a member of organized dentistry!