The last eighteen months have brought a remarkable amount of change and turmoil, including restrictions on dental practices for six weeks in the spring of 2020 and limitations on many other businesses for even longer. In-person meetings gave way to Zoom calls and takeout food replaced eating dinner out. Schools closed their doors for long periods of time and online learning became the norm. Wearing masks and using hand sanitizer became commonplace and many people experienced COVID-19-related sickness and loss either directly or through family and friends.

Recent months have brought the beginning of a “return to normalcy” with the lifting of mask mandates and restrictions on businesses, schools and other activities. As vaccines became more widespread and infection rates lessened, people have begun returning to their normal activities of life.

And one of those “normal activities” for Ohio dentists is attending the ODA Annual Session! As you know, last year, we were forced to hold Annual Session as an online only event. And for much of this year, we have been holding meetings virtually. So we are really excited to host the 2021 ODA Annual Session as an in-person meeting. The ODA Annual Session Committee has put an outstanding program together for this year’s session, which will be held in Columbus from September 30 through October 2.

We are excited to host two important events – the Celebrating Women in Dentistry event and the Callahan Celebration of Excellence – both of which will celebrate the profession of dentistry and its outstanding leaders. We will feature two keynote speakers – best-selling author Bertice Berry and comedian Greg Hahn – that will be open to all attendees. You and your staff will have the choice of attending in-person continuing education courses and workshops featuring dozens of high quality presenters, including Dr. Stanley Malamed on dental emergencies, Dr. Josh Austin on dental materials and Judy Kay Mausoff on techniques to enhance customer service in the dental office.

The 2021 ODA Annual Session will also feature an in-person exhibit hall where you can connect with vendors and comparison shop for dental supplies, equipment and other products and services. Of course, throughout the weekend, there will be other exciting events where you can reconnect with your colleagues, including the BASH celebrating ODA President Dr. David Kimberly and the New Dentist Social.

Moreover, this year, all in-person attendees will also have access to more than 30 hours of virtual CE courses free with registration. For more information and to see the entire program, check out the Annul Session section on

Come celebrate the “return to normalcy” by attending the in-person 2021 ODA Annul Session!