Experience the Pankey Institute close to home at the 2019 ODA Annual Session

Annual Session class

The 2019 ODA Annual Session will feature 15 courses presented by renowned Pankey Institute faculty. The 2019 ODA Annual Session will be Oct. 3-6 in Columbus.

The 2019 ODA Annual Session will offer a unique experience: the opportunity to attend Pankey Institute courses right here in Columbus.

“One of the things the ODA has always done is give dentists options; options to improve their practice and information to help expand their businesses,” said Dr. Mark Bronson, 2019 ODA Annual Session general chair. “The Pankey Institute is one of the foremost known dental groups that are out there, and it’s an ideal pair for them to partner with the ODA and bring information to our members.”

ODA Annual Session – which is Oct. 3-6 in Columbus – will feature a renowned group of Pankey Institute faculty offering 15 courses for dentists and their teams.

“Pankey began 50 years ago, and ever since we have been focused to changing the lives of dentists so they find dentistry more fulfilling,” said Dr. Lee Ann Brady, director of education at the Pankey Institute. “Our courses are some of the best in the nation at providing technical education, but we always balance it with financial management, patient communication and personal philosophy. Our hope is to help everyone who comes to our courses design what their dream practice life looks like, and then to help them achieve it.”

Brady said that the Pankey Institute does not typically take their courses on the road, so this is a great opportunity for dentists and their teams.

For those who have never attended a Pankey Institute course, Brady said attendees can expect excellent education from the best educators in the industry.

“The courses at the ODA meeting will be a great way to experience a small piece of what we do at Pankey in three hour sessions,” Brady said. “Our faculty will be able to share incredible knowledge and insight, the programs will be expertly delivered, and they will balance the non-technical aspects as it is part of every course we teach.”

Pankey Institute courses featured at this year’s ODA Annual Session cover a wide range of topics, including restorative topics both direct and indirect, prevention, ortho and team building.

“Our goal is for all of our programs to be easy to implement and valuable the very first day back in practice,” Brady said. “From a new way to fill a class 2 composite to new ways to help patients decide to move forward with treatment, there will be a lot to take back.”

Bronson said that attending Pankey Institute courses at Annual Session will allow dentists to learn skills and techniques to help their business in different ways.

“It’s an ideal chance to get a tidbit of what the Pankey Institute does and to see premier speakers that can teach those things. It will also give attendees some tidbits to take to their practice,” he said.

In addition to the Pankey Institute courses, the 2019 ODA Annual Session will feature nationally known speakers, CE for the entire dental team, an Exhibit Hall with more than 200 vendors and special events.