Experience, test, compare products in the Exhibit Hall at ODA Annual Session

hands-on experience for dentists

The Exhibit Hall at ODA Annual Session provides a hands-on experience for dentists and their teams to test out new products. ODA Annual Session is Oct. 3-6 in Columbus. Register now at www.oda.org.

The Exhibit Hall at the 2019 ODA Annual Session will feature more than 200 vendors, where dentists and their teams can explore new products, learn from knowledgeable sales reps and comparison shop.

“I can’t think of another place where you have reps from all these companies with the newest, latest, greatest technology that you can touch, feel and use. You can compare and contrast various things at the same time,” said Dr. Kyle Bogan, a general dentist and member of the 2019 ODA Annual Session Committee.

By visiting the Exhibit Hall, attendees have the opportunity to try out various products all in one location instead of shopping online or in catalogs.

“You can see it, you can touch it, you can feel it. It’s very difficult to appreciate the size of an instrument by looking at a picture,” said Dr. Betsy Mueller, a pediatric dentist and 2019 ODA Annual Session Senior Exhibits chair. “Especially in pediatrics, you like it small and tiny. You can’t tell how big it is or how it’s going to feel in your hand by looking at a picture. In our Exhibit Hall, its hands-on – you can really play around with something before you buy it.”

Bogan agreed that a hands-on shopping experience is important for dentists.

“Because we use our hands a lot, being able to actually experience the products is the biggest benefit,” he said. “For example with composite, you can compare differences in textures and delivery methods. The hands-on aspect is important.”

The Exhibit Hall can also be a way for dentists and their team to find solutions to various problems they’re having in the office. For example, if a certain material isn’t working as well as it used to or if some instruments just aren’t getting the job done any more, knowledgeable sales reps are available to help offices trouble shoot and find a better solution.

“The biggest way I have prepared to shop the Exhibit Hall in the past is thinking about problems or issues that I’m having in the office ahead of time, and looking at the mobile app or the Annual Session program and seeing what companies will be there that have varying products that would solve my problem. It’s nice because I can talk to them in one place at one time to solve whatever problem I’m looking at solving,” Bogan said.

Mueller also recommended that dentists look over their list of vendors and talk to their staff to find out what needs they have. She said dentists should have a good idea of what they’re currently spending on products so they know if they’re getting a good deal in the Exhibit Hall.

She added that she thinks it’s important to include staff in shopping the Exhibit Hall. She and her team typically divide up into small groups to explore and then meet up at a certain time to review what everyone saw.

“Letting your staff shop in the Exhibit Hall and bring ideas back to you really empowers your team,” Mueller said. “You’re letting them bring to you the ideas that have to do with their field. It’s much better than everything coming from you, and it’s more collaborative so team members feel like they’re more responsible for their area.”

This also allows each member of the team to look at items that interest them the most.

Plan your trip to the Exhibit Hall

The ODA has several avenues for dentists and their teams to plan their trip to the Exhibit Hall in advance.

Click here for a map and directory of all vendors. Search by company or category to find vendors. A list of show specials is also available.

Attendees can also access this information at their fingertips by downloading the ODA Annual Session app. To download the app, search for “OhioDental” on your favorite app store.

Attend FREE special events in the Exhibit Hall

Marketplace Mixer with the Madow Brothers – Be entertained by the Madow Brothers, enjoy free appetizers and visit the more than 200 companies exhibiting this year. 4:30-6 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 3 in the Exhibit Hall.

Sip & Shop – Pick up a free glass of wine, beer or soft drink and stroll the aisles to be entered in the Exhibit Hall door prize: one attendee will win a $2,000 Visa Gift Card, and two runners-up will win $500 Visa Gift Cards! 4-6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 4 in the Exhibit Hall.

Grab a Bite, Grab a Deal! – Enjoy great deals and great food as you finish up your shopping in the Exhibit Hall. To make the day even better, we will provide a $10 food voucher (good for concessions inside the hall) to the first 250 registrants who stop by the registration desk. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 5 in the Exhibit Hall.

Register now for ODA Annual Session

ODA Annual Session is Oct. 3-6 in Columbus. Find full details and register by clicking here.

For attendees who are interested in only shopping the Exhibit Hall, the ODA is offering a free Exhibits Only pass on Saturday, Oct. 5. Any dentist or dental team member can register for the pass, which is only available on Saturday, and allows entrance into the Exhibit Hall, only.