Chairman’s Choice: Does your team need a tune-up?

Editor’s Note: Dr. Elizabeth Mueller, a pediatric dentist in Cincinnati, is the ODA Annual Session 2018 general chairman. Throughout the year, she will be sharing details on some of her favorite CE programs being offered during the ODA’s 152nd Annual Session, Sept. 13-16, 2018 in Columbus. Here is her first installment.

If your answer to the title is “Heck no, they are ALL wonderful!” you don’t need the LEVIN PRACTICE MANAGEMENT class on Thursday, Sept. 13 at the ODA Annual Session in Columbus.

But, if you paused when you read that title, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my practice life built on mutual respect between me, my staff and OUR patients?
  • Does every task in the office have a documented system of which every staff member is aware?
  • Have I invested in my staff’s sense of professionalism with continuing education, travel and philanthropic opportunities?
  • Do I understand stewardship and am I a good steward to my staff members?
  • Do I share my financial goals with my staff and enable them to reach theirs?
  • Is your office a revolving door of disengaged people who couldn’t care less if you succeed or not?

Do you think you can truly succeed without a great staff?

The website for our office is WWW.OUTSTANDINGDENTALTEAM.COM and while it may be a long moniker, it is blessedly accurate. My practice has undergone Levin Management training on several occasions over the last 15 years, completing three full programs. Yes, it was an investment of time and dollars, but it has taken my practice to the next level; the next level of productivity, the next level of profitability, the next level of clinical excellence, the next level of peacefulness. On Thursday, at the ODA Annual Session, you have the opportunity to bring your staff and start on building your own truly outstanding dental team with the proven methods of Roger Levin and the Levin Consulting Group. Since 1985, the Levin Group has been lifting dental practices to new heights of profitability with their practice management services.

In the “New Game. New Rules. New Playbook.  Winning Strategies for Increasing Production” seminar with Roger Levin, you and your staff will begin to articulate together your vision of what you want your practice to look like. You will decide, together, what constitutes a terrific day: is it the doctor version – the day is fully booked with financially beneficial easy procedures, everybody comes, everybody pays, nobody complains about anything, OR is it the staff version – doctor in a good mood and on time, nice patients, an actual lunch period, out on time, no snarky remarks, an occasional affirmation from the doctor. You will learn to collaborate with your staff and document your systems of how things should be done in your office. You will develop confidence in your staff’s communication with each other and with your patients by establishing scripts for all the usual conversations.

In this seminar you will learn how to differentiate your practice with its outstanding team, from the practice around the corner. You will learn how to position your practice for growth every year and how to share those profits with your team.

If less stress and more money interest you, then block out those appointment books and bring yourself and your team, Thursday, Sept. 13 at the ODA Annual Session to Columbus for ROGER LEVIN!

Begin to live the dream!