Cell phone triage information for dental offices

The State of Ohio has issued an order directing that all health care providers, including dentists, delay “all non-essential or elective surgeries and procedures that utilize PPE.” The goal of the order is to preserve personal protective equipment and supplies and limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
In implementing this policy, the Ohio State Dental Board has provided guidance on delaying unnecessary procedures, preserving PPE, and limiting potential spread of coronavirus. One of the board’s recommendations is for dentists to “Use Cell Phone Triage – use cell phones to take a picture of the area and text to the dentist.”
The ODA has received many calls with questions regarding the concept of cell phone triage. Click here to view information about the use of technology to preserve PPE and reduce potential exposure to coronavirus.
COVID-19 information for dental offices in Ohio
Click here to view current and updated information and resources about the coronavirus for dental offices in Ohio.
The American Dental Association also has many resources available for dentists about COVID-19 that can be found by clicking here.
When looking through these resources please understand that this is not business or legal advice. The goal of this communication is to give members resources to ensure that they are prepared when talking with their personal human resources staff, attorney or accountant.