ADA credentialing service simplifies process for dentists to submit information to insurance companies, organizations

The American Dental Association credentialing service makes it easier for dentists to submit and maintain their credentials in one central place.

Through the credentialing service, dentists enter their information one time and are then able to share it with multiple participating dental plans, hospitals and health care organizations, reducing their administrative burden and speeding up the credentialing process. This data can also be used to update provider directories and other business needs.

Filling out the form takes about one hour, and some fields are already pre-populated with information the ADA has on file to save time. The ADA has also created a checklist that dentists can utilize before getting started that provides information on the items necessary to complete the credentialing application.

Once completed, the dentist will be asked to select which dental plans and other participating organizations can access their data. Participating organizations are not allowed access information without the dentist’s authorization. Dentists can submit their information to more than 900 organizations that participate, including health plans and PPO networks, dental plans, TPAs, provider groups, hospitals and government entities.

For more details and to utilize the ADA credentialing service, visit Please contact the ADA Member Service Center at (800) 621-8099 or via email at with any questions.