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Apr 11 2022
Happy spring! This wonderful time each year of renewal: longer, warmer (we hope) days; awakening of trees, flowers blooming, grass to mow;  golf clubs, boats and bikes “dusted off” with outdoor activities like walks, runs, or just relaxing on a patio increasing; open windows, clean cars, Opening Day for baseball … a refreshed, renewed ... [continue reading]
Feb 15 2022
Happy 2022! Resolutions are generally associated with the New Year ... those pledges you make to yourself to do (or not do) something starting January 1. They are often things like exercise more, eat healthier, read some good books, learn a new skill, do something on your “bucket list” … a decision to make some change and aspiration to stick ... [continue reading]
Dec 14 2021
I am humbled, honored and grateful to serve our profession, our ODA. We are blessed with outstanding leadership and a team of professionals at our headquarters in Columbus. It also is great to work with dedicated volunteer leaders amongst colleagues who also serve and inspire. And we continue to be successful for dentistry and our patients with a ... [continue reading]
Sep 9 2021
As I sit down to write this, my final ODA Today President’s Message, I’m struck by how quickly the time passed and how much more work there is to be done. I am also struck and wearied by the seemingly unending assault from all directions on the profession we all love. Every day we are confronted with new regulations, government mandates, ... [continue reading]
Jun 21 2021
I have a question for those of you who have wisely chosen to read this. What do thousands of dentists and dental professionals in the state of Ohio have in common with 19th century philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer and Joni Mitchell? The answer? They all realize the value of something is most obvious when it is gone, or in dentistry’s case, when ... [continue reading]
May 14 2021
“How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?” -Dr. Seuss Truth be told, I think deeply about nothing quite a bit. Often I find myself siting quietly in my office thinking about the most random abstract concepts, ... [continue reading]
Mar 11 2021
Funny the memories one retains from childhood. I personally have vivid memories of long hot summer days filled with pickup basketball, baseball and football games punctuated with PB and J sandwiches, carrot sticks and all the cherry Kool-Aid one could drink. There was a very deep ravine at the end of our street that ran for about a mile with a ... [continue reading]
Jan 18 2021
It is human nature to assume the experiences, good and bad, of current circumstances are paramount in human history.  That makes sense, as our own experiences are what we relate most strongly. One must wonder if the population of Europe, Asia and the Middle East felt the same when a volcanic eruption caused massive, sudden climate change ... [continue reading]
Nov 11 2020
As the leaves begin to fall, the afternoon shadows begin to lengthen and the daylight hours shorten, one becomes painfully aware that the winter months are rapidly approaching the Buckeye State. Given that inevitability, the silver lining is 2020 will be drawing to a close. It is safe to say few if any will miss this past year. But before Jack ... [continue reading]
Oct 14 2020
ODA President Dr. David Kimberly delivers his president-elect's address to the ODA House of Delegates virtually on Sept. 25 Dr. David Kimberly began his term as Ohio Dental Association president at the ODA House of Delegates in September. In this Q&A with "ODA Today," Kimberly looks forward to his term. What are some of the issues you expect ... [continue reading]
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