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Amalgam Separators

ODA Member Benefit

  • ODA Members receive 10% off the separator of your choice:
    • Options for size include two separators for central installations. R & D separators can service 1 to 20 operatories. Options also exist for sludge/amalgam waste recycling and a pH neutral vacuum line cleaner.
    • The economy version of the separators has manual valves; the optional upgrades have auto-siphon valves.

The Amalgam Collectors™

Manufactured and distributed for 22 years by R & D Services of Seattle, The Amalgam Collectors™ are best buy amalgam separators.  Designed by dentists to purposely have no-ongoing costs for replacement filters, cartridges or expensive canisters but with a 99.9+% removal efficiency and up to 4 times the sludge capacity.  Save 90% of your annual maintenance costs.

The Amalgam Collectors™ were voted in the top 3 separators by U.S. dentists.


About the Company

R & D Services is a leading provider of dental equipment to help protect the environment from the release of heavy metal contaminants.

Our major product The Amalgam Collector™ is designed to trap the wastewater generated in dental procedures. Heavy metal particles and other solids are separated out, and the remaining filtered water and other fluids are released into the sewer system.

The resulting benefit . . . The Amalgam Collector™ helps lower the burden of the silver, zinc, copper, and bound mercury that reach our water treatment plants, so the final products of this treatment – our drinking water and our environment contain a lower percentage of heavy metals.

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