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Professional Liability Coverage

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About the Company

Founded in 1899, MedPro Group was the first company to offer dental malpractice coverage in the U.S. and they’re still going strong today. As a Berkshire Hathaway company, MedPro offers dentists the peace of mind they deserve for their malpractice coverage. Click here to learn more.

With a MedPro policy, you get great coverage at an affordable price. Here are a few more reasons to choose MedPro:


Claims Defense

We take every claim seriously. You will be protected by our expert claims team that wins 95% of all dental trials.

Pure Consent to Settle

We have offered dentists pure consent to settle for over a century. Where state law allows, no claim will ever be settled without your consent, no exceptions.

Free Tail Coverage

Save thousands of dollars with a company that provides free tail coverage at retirement after just one year insured by MedPro.

Solutions for New Dentists

We are the leading insurer of new dentists. A variety of policy type options and new dentist discounts are available.

Nationally Endorsed

Our superior coverage has been recognized and endorsed by a number of national, state, and other societies.

Cyber and Privacy Liability Insurance (at no cost to you)

We continue to develop options that address emerging issues related to cyber liability ($50,000 limit coverage already included in your coverage).


For more information and to see if you qualify for coverage, contact the ODA at (800) 282-1526 or email us.