Planned Giving

Your legacy can changes lives.

Have you considered the legacy you will leave to impact oral health in Ohio?

Now is the time to plan for the establishment of Your Dental Legacy by creating a planned gift to the ODA Foundation.  Planned gifts through your estate are executed at the time of your passing so your legacy in dentistry will continue through the ODA Foundation’s work in Ohio.  Not only does planned giving allow you to support the ODA Foundation without affecting your current finances, gifts through your estate could help to reduce the burden of taxes you leave your family through charitable deductions.

Two common and very flexible ways to set up a planned gift to the ODA Foundation are through bequests made in your will and beneficiary designations on your insurance or investment account.  We recommend you speak with your financial planner, investment account or insurance manager and/or your estate planning attorney to determine the best planned giving vehicle for you and to help maximize the tax benefits of these gifts.


One of the simplest ways you can support the ODA Foundation is to leave a bequest in your will.  Your bequest can be for something specific:

  • Predetermined amount of money
  • Percentage of your estate
  • Residual balance of your estate after all others are taken care of
  • The contingency that the Foundation receives your bequest if something specific occurs

If you are considering a bequest to the ODA Foundation in your will, contact the ODA Foundation at 614-486-2700 or for sample bequest language and the ODA Foundation’s EIN number.

Beneficiary Designations

Naming the ODA Foundation as a beneficiary to an insurance policy or investment account is easy, flexible and allows you to continue to use your account to support yourself and your family.  The ODA Foundation can be listed as a primary or contingent beneficiary.  To add the ODA Foundation as a beneficiary on your account or policy, simply request a change of beneficiary form from your insurance or account manager, complete the form and send it back.  At the time of your passing, your account or policy will be distributed to the ODA Foundation in the way that you designated.

Memorial Donations

An additional way you can support the ODA Foundation and leave a legacy is by notifying your family that you would like the ODA Foundation listed in your obituary to receive memorial donations in your name.  Your family, friends, and colleagues will appreciate directing their donations to a cause that helps further the profession that provided for you over the years.

This information is to offer general guidance on planned giving and should not be taken as legal advice.  Please consult your financial planner or attorney prior to creating a planned gift.