ODA Volunteer Connection

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The Ohio Dental Association Volunteer Connection program is now providing volunteer CE credit to dentists who volunteer with Volunteer CE Partners: nonprofit clinics/programs that register with the ODA and meet all volunteer CE requirements. To help Ohio’s free clinics and free dental care programs recruit and retain dentist volunteers, the ODA created the ODA Volunteer Connection, which provides a clearinghouse of clinics and programs through which dentists can earn volunteer CE for providing free care. The ODA will encourage its members to volunteer with Volunteer CE Partners around Ohio. Dentists who volunteer with a certified partner will earn volunteer CE for their time while providing access to needed dental care.

How it Works:

Volunteer CE Partner Registration

  • Free clinic/free dental care program completes the Volunteer CE Partner Request Form and submits it to the ODA staff for review. This will need to be done yearly.
  • Clinic/Program also provides information about dentist volunteer opportunities and previous year’s clinic data.

ODA encourages volunteerism

  • Volunteer CE Partners will be listed on the ODA Volunteer Connection webpage along with information about volunteer opportunities for dentists to see.
  • ODA marketing efforts aim to increase dentist volunteerism with Volunteer CE Partners. The ODA throughout the year will market and promote all Volunteer Connection Partners.

ODA sends CE slips to dentists

  • ODA staff records volunteer hours for each dentist and mails a CE slip to dentists for their records.
  • Dentists earn 1 CE credit per 1 hour of clinical volunteer services up to one-third of biennium required CE.

Volunteer CE Partner Approval

  • Programs meeting volunteer CE requirements will be approved as ODA Volunteer Connection Volunteer CE Partners.
  • Volunteer CE Partners will receive a logo for volunteer recruitment to show they are ODA approved.

Track and report dentist volunteer hours

  • Volunteer CE Partner staff tracks dentists’ volunteer hours including: first and last name, dental license number, date of volunteer service and hours of service on each date.
  • Using the provided Excel document, Volunteer CE Partner staff will provide volunteer hour tracking report to the ODA periodically.

Report annual data

  • Volunteer CE Partners will annually report program data to the ODA so that the ODA can measure increases in volunteerism and access to dental care in Ohio resulting from ODA marketing efforts.
  • ODA will use this data to help confirm that Volunteer CE Partners continue to qualify for Volunteer CE in the upcoming years.

Benefits for Volunteer CE Partners:

To sign up as an ODA Volunteer CE Partner, complete the ODA Volunteer CE Partner Request Form below. For questions about the Volunteer Connection program, contact the ODA at dentist@oda.org or 614-486-2700.

Reduce administrative burden!

  • Volunteer CE Partners track volunteer hours and the ODA provides dentists with CE slips.

New volunteers!

  • Dentist volunteer opportunities are listed on the ODA website and promoted to ODA members.

Approved Volunteer CE Partner Logo!

  • Volunteer CE Partners will receive a special logo to use on their websites and dentist recruitment materials.

Ohio Dental Association Volunteer Connection Volunteer CE Partner Request Form

Please complete this form in its entirety so the Ohio Dental Association can determine if your organization/program qualifies for volunteer CE for dentists and to list information about your volunteer opportunity on the ODA website if approved as a Volunteer CE Partner. Benchmark data is also required so the ODA can track how our marketing efforts to increase volunteerism are impacting your program. If approved as a Volunteer CE Partner, you will receive verification from the Ohio Dental Association, your volunteer information will be listed on the ODA website as a Volunteer CE Partner, you will receive the Approved Volunteer CE Partner logo and a sample volunteer hour tracking report template. As a reminder this form will have to be filled out yearly, to keep information up to date.


Contact the ODA at 614-486-2700 or dentist@oda.org.