This online CE course must be completed before December 31, 2023.

An Update on Opioid Addiction Issues and Responsible Prescribing

This online CE course is available exclusively to ODA member dentists and meets the Ohio State Dental Board requirement of Continuing Education in opioid prescribing and addiction awareness.

To receive CE credit, member dentists must complete an online exam after watching the course.

Why is the ODA offering this opioid prescribing course?

The Ohio State Dental Board requires all dentists to complete two hours of continuing education on opioid prescribing and related issues. The rule requires two hours of CE for each of the next biennium in order for dentists to renew their license in Ohio. This requirement applies to all Ohio licensed dentists, whether or not they write prescriptions.

To help ODA members meet this requirement, the Ohio Dental Association has created this free online CE course, “An Update on Opioid Addiction Issues and Responsible Prescribing.” The two-hour course on opioid prescribing and other addiction-related information is available exclusively to ODA members as a benefit of membership.