Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA)

EFDA’s assist dentists in providing care for patients. They can do everything a dental assistant does, plus place preventive and restorative materials on teeth under the supervision of a dentist. EFDA’s enjoy flexible work hours and great pay!

What does an EFDA do?
  • Places restorations and sealants.
  • Assists dentists with procedures like fillings.
  • Helps patients feel comfortable.
  • Takes patients’ blood pressure
  • Takes and processes x-rays.
  • Helps maintain a clean, safe work environment by sterilizing equipment.
  • Provides follow up care instructions for patients.
What kind of training does an EFDA need?

EFDA’s must complete 180 hours of course work through an accredited program and are required to pass an Ohio State Dental Board examination.

Click here to download a list of EFDA programs in Ohio.

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