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Practice Resource Products

Bank of America Practice Solutions - A financing option that provides customized solutions for your short-term needs and long-term aspirations.

 Best Card - A credit card processing company that saves dentists on average 26 percent and offers great customer service.

 CareCredit -  A health care credit card that helps families manage out-of-pocket expenses and helps you simplify your billing process.

ClaimX - An electronic insurance claim management and processor pioneered by ExtraDent.

 Frank Gates Service Company - A program that helps you reach your highest possible discount on Bureau of Workers' Compensation premiums.


 Lighthouse 360 - An automated patient communication system that can reach 100 percent of your patients with email, text messages, phone calls, postcards and letters.

ProSites - A website solution for dental professionals who want the ultimate Web presence for their practice.

SUV/Spore Check - These products are offered by OSHA Review, Inc. SUV is a powerful disinfectant cleaner, while Spore Check is a sterilizer monitoring system to meet infection control standards.

Whitening Gel - A carbamide Peroxide 3 cc syringe available in three strengths and discounted to $5.00 each when at least 50 are purchased.

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