Amalgam Separation & Waste Removal

ODA Member Benefit

As a member of the ODA you are entitled to a FREE Collection Container ($197.00 value) with proof of purchase of an Hg5 System (standard, mini or high volume).

To receive the free collection container, fax your invoice to (508) 393-1795. Your name will be matched with the ODA member list. Once approved, a collection container will be shipped directly to your office.

Solmetex has amalgam separation down to a science.

Removing mercury from the dental practice (and the environment) is a good thing – and we’re way ahead of the game.  When it comes to amalgam separation, no one knows more than Solmetex.  21 years ago, our experience in water science led us to create a system that easily and affordably removes amalgam waste from the dental practice.  Our signature product, the Hg5, is the industry standard and has won more awards than all competitors combined.  As a total solution provider, Solmetex takes care of waste handling and recycling so you don’t have to.  Good for you and good for the environment.

Solmetex provides the complete solution:
  • ISO 11143 certified at greater than 99%
  • Professionally engineered, robust, simple design.
  • Easy to operate and maintenance free.
  • Flexible design for hard-to-fit applications.
  • Functional for wet or dry vacuum systems (install before pump on wet vacuum system, install before tank on dry vacuum system).
  • Hg5 Series is clear making it possible to visualize functionality.
Simple container change process includes:
  • No tools, no mess
  • Packaging for delivery to certified recycler
  • Online certificate issued for practice
What Solmetex does not require:
  • NO contracts with hidden fees
  • NO electricity
  • NO daily maintenance or decanting
  • NO pumps
  • NO timer
  • NO additional charges for shipping to a recycling facility

Our focus is on keeping the dental practice clean, environmentally safe, and regulatory compliant.  With our proven experience and end-to-end service, we are a total solution provider for dental practices.

About the Company

Solmetex’s® expertise in material science and life science separations led to the development of high performance, separation chemistries for the dental industry. These chemistries are the heart of our solution and provide the healthcare and life sciences with simple and effective solutions that prevent toxic emission into the environment. This integration of proprietary chemistries into safe and compliant products aligns with the regulatory agencies “pollution prevention” agenda and constitutes the most cost-effective approach to cleaning up waste streams. Solmetex is committed to continuously re-investing in research, design, and implementation of new chemistries, as well as in the development of methods to optimize their current technology for use in other industries. Our products have been proven around the world to help dental practices achieve compliance in mercury removal.

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