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Workers’ Compensation Group Discount

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s discount reductions and constant workers’ compensation changes can impact your bottom line, even if you have a stable claim history. CareWorks Comp helps you reach your highest possible discount – up to BWC’s current maximum off premiums – through multiple savings tiers. CareWorks Comp strives to provide our members the most aggressive group saving program in the industry.

You may also contact ODASC by calling (800) 282-1526.

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About the Company

The Ohio Dental Association partners with CareWorks Comp to help members lower their Ohio workers’ compensation premium. Our discount and refund programs, risk control, and claims administration solutions help employers reduce their risk and control their workers’ compensation costs. We’ve saved employers more than $3.1 billion in premium discounts, and we’ve returned nearly $400 million in premium refunds.

We’re more than a third party administrator:

We have a personal stake in your success. Long-term relationships matter, and as an extension of your team, we take the time to understand what success looks like to you and how we can help you get there. Our team of experts is committed to providing you and your organization with compassion and consistency in everything we do.

To learn more about CareWorks, visit the company website.  Or, complete the online form for a no-obligation quote!