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COVID-19 and Dentistry: Lessons Learned

Course Information

CE Hours1
FormatDirectly interactive presentation
SubjectDental education and scientific courses

Attendees will learn about the research Dr. Purnima Kumar participated in regarding the safety of dental offices as it relates to COVID-19. Some of the rhetoric during the early stages of the pandemic suggested that going to the dentist was potentially unsafe because of dental aerosols. The research data demonstrates otherwise and based on infection rates, we know infection control and PPE in dental offices were effective in protecting dentists, dental staff and patients. Similarly, all dental offices have faced challenges during the last two years. Dr. Kyle Bogan will discuss how COVID-19 has forced dentists to reconsider their previous assumptions related to their teams and other issues. And as a result, this flexibility in dealing with their staff and other dental practice-related strategies has allowed many dental offices to survive and even thrive despite the COVID-19 challenges.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about latest research related to dental aerosols and their minimal role in COVID-19 spread
  • Understand the effectiveness of infection control measures and PPE in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the dental office
  • Learn strategies for coping with new realities of practicing dentistry and running an efficient office in a post-pandemic world


Dr. Kyle Bogan
Dr. Kyle Bogan
Dr. Purnima Kumar

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