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Oct 14 2020
Acquiring health benefits for you and your family and offering your entire team access to health benefits through the ODA Wellness Trust is simple and affordable. And in 2021, the ODA Wellness Trust is excited to announce that overall rates will not increase for the ODA Wellness Trust because of the strength and stability of the plan. Affordable ... [continue reading]
Sep 3 2020
Open enrollment for the Ohio Dental Association Services Corporation (ODASC)’s health benefits plan, the ODA Wellness Trust, starts in October. The ODA Wellness Trust is available exclusively to ODA members, their families and their staffs, and most participants are able to save money on health benefit costs by joining the plan. The ODA ... [continue reading]
Jul 13 2020
The Ohio BWC uses "Successorship" or "successors in interest" as terms that describe the takeover of one employer’s business by another, generally resulting from a change in ownership due to a purchase, acquisition or merger. For workers’ compensation purposes, it requires the continuation or transfer of experience and liability from ... [continue reading]
Jun 17 2020
During this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we're working with our endorsed partners and vendors to help all of our members in any way we can. We know that many offices may be facing financial hardships right now, so we’ve worked to secure additional savings and resources for you. Discounts and resources from our endorsed partners ... [continue reading]
Jun 17 2020
Dentists who are new graduates, former ASDA members and current ODA members may be eligible to have their first year of malpractice insurance coverage to be prepaid by the ODA. Through this program, the ODA provides new graduates with their first year of malpractice coverage through MedPro at no cost to them (subject to underwriting ... [continue reading]
Mar 4 2020
The Ohio Dental Association Services Corporation (ODASC) invites you to join us for a webinar on March 19 to learn about how you can increase revenue, retention, and case acceptance for your uninsured patients. In this quick, informational webinar, you’ll learn: What in-office membership plans are...and what they aren’t. Why your ... [continue reading]
Feb 14 2020
The ODA Wellness Trust had a positive open enrollment season, with an increase in participants for 2020 as well as one of the lowest rate increases in the market. The ODA Wellness Trust is a not-for-profit health benefit plan created by ODA members for ODA members. By joining together with ODA members throughout Ohio, the ODA Wellness Trust gains ... [continue reading]
Dec 12 2019
What do 1.59 BILLION people do every day? Use Facebook! There’s no doubt about it, when it comes to social media, Facebook is the platform of choice. Wouldn’t it make sense to capitalize on the company’s unprecedented access to potential new patients with Facebook marketing? Since the social media giant provides free access to ... [continue reading]
Nov 21 2019
The Ohio Dental Association Services Corp. (ODASC) recently endorsed DentalHQ, a platform to help dentists create, customize and automate their in-office membership plans. “The ODA’s recent membership survey showed that our members would like to offer in-office membership plans to their patients,” said ODASC Chairman Dr. Thomas ... [continue reading]
Oct 17 2019
The Ohio Dental Association Services Corporation (ODASC) is proud to announce the creation of the Ohio Discount Dental Supplies (Ohio DDS) group purchasing organization or "buying group." OhioDDS allows ODA members to join together and leverage purchasing power to receive discounts on supplies, equipment and services. It is a FREE program ... [continue reading]
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