ODA Volunteer Connection

ODA member dentists give their time and talent to help those in Ohio who are in need of dental care but are unable to afford it.  While the ODA offers statewide programs such as Give Kids A Smile and Dental OPTIONS for dentists to volunteer in their offices, volunteers are also needed to strengthen the dental safety net by providing care at dental clinics, access to care programs and other special events.  This webpage is dedicated to being a central location where access to care organizations can post their volunteer needs and dentists can find opportunities to volunteer in their area.

Are you looking for dentist volunteers for a dental clinic, access to care program or special event? 

Click here to download and complete the Volunteer Opportunities for Dentists form to get a volunteer opportunity listed on the ODA Volunteer Connection webpage.  Dental clinics, dental societies and other organizations that host special events and access to dental care programs are welcome to submit a volunteer opportunity for dentists.  If you have any questions about posting a volunteer opportunity, please email Kristy@oda.org.

Are you a dentist looking to volunteer in your community?

Click here to see a listing of volunteer opportunities around the state listed by county.  You will need to log in to the ODA website in order to view the volunteer opportunities.

The Ohio Dental Association is neither associated with nor endorsing the organizations and programs which are listed on the ODA Volunteer Connection webpage. The ODA reserves the right to deny a volunteer opportunity listing at its discretion. The ODA does not guarantee that organizations or programs listed on the ODA Volunteer Connection webpage will receive volunteers.